Welcome to the Rotary Club of Fair Oaks

We meet Mondays at 6:45 pm
Fair Oaks

Community Clubhouse

7997 California Ave.

Fair Oaks, CA 95628

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Orangevale/Fair Oaks Food Bank Solar Project
What Have We Been Up To?
Dunbar Takes the Reins of
Fair Oaks Rotary
The bell rings and the room empties... hey, it's tradition.  Then the little kids lure the adults back in with... Transformers?   Really?  It all made sense when incoming club president Dennis Dunbar revealed the club theme for the year... Connect to Transform Lives.  It was a good start to what looks like another great year for the Rotary Club of Fair Oaks.
Fair Oaks Rotarians
Get Inspired in Hamburg
What's inspiring about Hamburg, you might ask.  Well, it was the Rotary International Convention, which welcomed 25,000+ Rotarians from 170+ countries for five days of learning, inspiration and hanging out together.  Eighteen members of the Fair Oaks club had so much fun attending this one, that it looks like next June in Honolulu may see even more going!
Big Day Of Service...
Isn't That Every Day at
Fair Oaks Rotary?
Well, this Big Day of Service was a special one, because a bunch of people besides Rotarians got to discover the joy of service.  We did our gig with our good partner, the Fair Oaks Rec & Park District, as part of their annual It's My Park Day.  Twenty of us turned out to drag previously cut tree branches to a chipper-shredder, a task for which most of us were eminently qualified.
We did so well that we had time to rest and eat.  By the way, when lunch was served, it was obvious that a Rotarian had not planned it, since is was mostly "real" food, like sandwiches; fortunately, as we were finishing eating, someone came by with Rotary food (cookies, though anything sweet would do).  All in all, a really nice day, and I'm guessing that we'll be back next year.
Fair Oaks Rotary Photo Contest
Well, first of all, the number of contestants doubled from last year.  Next, there were entrants from more schools.  And finally, photos larger than 8.5x11" were allowed.  Thus, in many aspects, the contest (and photos) were bigger.  So the headline isn't just an attempt to be punny.  As is usual with these contests involving the future generation, club members were awed and thankful that they didn't have to determine winners.  It's a relatively new project for the club, but it looks like it's here to stay.
Fair Oaks Rotary Gets All Bubbly
At Fair Oaks Fiesta
No, it wasn't fine champagne.  Instead, it was Bubble Master Quentin and his secret (?) formula for perfect bubbles.  He made them, kids made them, even Rotarians made them.  All in all, it was six hours of magical entertainment for a bunch of kids... of ALL ages.
Fair Oaks Rotarians Deliver
Water Filters to Baja
 Somewhere in that huge crowd are nine Fair Oaks Rotarians who braved blue skies and sunshine at the southern tip of Baja last weekend to deliver water filtration systems to hundreds of rural families whose water is contaminated with pathogenic bacteria.  They worked alongside Rotarians from the Los Barriles Rotary club, who surveyed the area to come up with the recipients.  Rumor has it that some fishing occurred, but nobody's bragging; maybe they need another margarita.  This trip is starting to take on an annual flavor.

Our club is pleased to announce grant funding for up to $1,000 per project for charitable and educational activities to benefit children and senior citizens in the local community.

Application deadlines are October 1, January 1, and April 1.

Funding is budgeted annually July 1 to June 30 and is available until funds are depleted.  Click Here to Download the application. 

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