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Note: for the next few weeks our meetings will be on-line only.
We Have Transitioned To Hybrid Meetings That Will Be Live & on Zoom.
Normally, we gather on Mondays at 6pm for social time, dinner begins at 6:30pm, then the meeting will begin at 7pm.
Live Meetings will be at the Fair Oaks VFW 8990 Kruitof Way, Fair Oaks
For Zoom Info, Please check our calendar to get the link.

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What Have We Been Up To?
Fair Oaks Rotary and Bella Vista Interact
Beautify Madison Avenue... Again!
Properly equipped and attired, and fueled with Rotary fuel (see photo), a number of intrepid Fair Oaks Rotarians, reinforced by four Bella Vista Interactors, braved ultraviolet rays (AKA sunshine) and temperatures in the mid 50's to beautify their assigned section of Madison Avenue... basically from Chicago to Kenneth in front of Bella Vista High School.  If you've seen similar stories on this site in the past, it's because we do this (about) every three months because we like it... and because Sacramento County gives us free advertising (see photos).  Wave to us next time.
Fair Oaks Rotary's Safe Halloween
Becomes Safer
You long time fans of this website know that the end of October is a special time in Fair Oaks Village as the Park District and Rotary Club join to put on Safe Halloween, an event which lasts well into the afternoon and has all kinds of stuff for kids (and parents) to enjoy.  Well, welcome to the 2020 version, when the coronavirus put a stop to many of those activities.  We call it Safer Halloween and it's limited to two activities, promoting literacy (reading and book distribution) and providing full employment for dentists (handing out candy).  Rotarians were costumed (and not), the books were guarded by a masked man in black, and novel candy delivery systems were utilized.  The best part... the kids looked like they loved it, so look for us again next year.
Fair Oaks Rotarians Discover
How To Eat and Get Rich
Well, OK, they don't get rich, but their Rotary Club does.  How does that happen?  They order on the "Dine to Donate" program, and a percentage of their bill comes back to the club.  We've all been missing the chow line at our weekly meetings, and the Zoom-meisters just haven't been able to replicate it.  So we've been saving personally... AND getting hungrier... every Monday since March.  So... we invaded the Armenian Grill House tonight and made them busier than they have been for a while, AND we'll get a check from them in a month or so.  Not sure who's up next, but this looks like a winner fundraiser.
Fair Oaks Rotary Helps
AboutKidz Help Kids
If that headline makes you think that there's a lot of helping going on, well, you're correct!  AboutKidz is a local Fair Oaks organization that is about (helping) kids.  When they needed some hands to help distribute backpacks with school supplies to local kids, who better to assist, i.e., help, than Fair Oaks Rotarians?  And help they did, handing out over 1,000 backpacks to about 600 kids.  It was such a gratifying experience that you might even think we'd help next time.
Women's Empowerment & Fair Oaks Rotary
Unstopped by COVID-19
Women's Empowerment... remember them from last year?  They are the wonderful organization that provides job training... and SO MUCH MORE... for homeless women so that they can break the cycle of poverty they often find themselves trapped in.  Fair Oaks Rotary... what do we do?  Well, we "sponsor" the fall graduation ceremony each year by providing and serving the luncheon after the ceremony.  This year found the class reduced from the usual 20-25 to seven, meaning less need for food and servers, but we were still there.  Let's hope that they're back up to speed as soon as this pandemic ends, because some of us miss helping get rid of the left-over dessert.
It's Fair Oaks Rotary Fridays
At the FO/OV Food Bank!
When the COVID-19 pandemic increased food insecurity in the Fair Oaks-Orangevale area, FO/OV Food Bank director and Rotarian Keith Wright knew where to get help.  Expanding their hours by adding distributions on Friday seemed like a good idea, and Rotarians jumped at the chance to serve.  Clad in their designer masks, they learned their tasks without too much difficulty and took over the new Friday distribution hours through the end of summer.  To read more about even more food distribution, click Read more...

Our club is pleased to announce grant funding for up to $1,000 per project for charitable and educational activities to benefit children and senior citizens in the local community.

Application deadlines are October 1, January 1, and April 1.

Funding is budgeted annually July 1 to June 30 and is available until funds are depleted.  Click Here to Download the application. 

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