Camping Fair Oaks Rotary Style
Over the weekend of August 7-9, a hardy group of Fair Oaks Rotarians, along with family, wannabes and other assorted folks, headed for Lake Francis Resort near beautiful Dobbins, CA, for our club's fourth annual "camping" trip, organized by the irrepressible Maggie Hoy.  Our Danish exchange student Stine was introduced to the Fair Oaks Rotary version of roughing it; I think she liked it.
We ate and drank too much, but we solved a lot of world problems and we worked off many of the calories playing Maggie's dumb sophisticated games on Saturday afternoon.  Did we have fun?  Hey, it was a Fair Oaks Rotary event... of course we did.  There are more pictures if you click the link.

Maggie's Dumb Clever Games and Other Stuff

Murphy goes for it. Pass the ping pong ball. Even the guys did it.
Water shooting game. Object: who knows? Team Lucy cheating at playing Pictionary. Making the world a better place.