Craft Beer Booth Fundraiser At The Fair Oaks Chicken Festival

If you didn't make the chicken festival this year, you missed a beautiful day and a lot of fun. Although a number of us weren't exactly up with the chickens, it felt close enough that early Saturday morning. Setting up the area for microbrew tasting is an exercise in teamwork. If you have not experienced the joy and challenge of setting up the various awnings we use, you are missing out. It's necessary and fun to duct tape and otherwise do "orthopedic repairs" on some of the old awnings we utilize. Even one of our mascot, metal chickens needed some "medical attention" in ord be able to er to stand up. Perhaps it had had a rough night, the night before. It all came together and we sold a lot of beer to a lot of happy and satisfied customers. I thought the band was great. Apparently, they also play heavy metal, but I was happy that they chose to use their acoustic instruments for the chicken festival.
This year we didn't get rained out and it was even a little on the hot side. I thought a lot of the arts and crafts were high-caliber. It's always fun to look at the artist's personalities and at the same time to look at the work that they create. I imagine that there is often a similarity between the feel of their artistic creations and their personalities. There was a wide range of wares for the patrons including paintings, pottery, jewelry, turned wooden bowls using a lathe, and also fortunately our own Tupperware lady was there to help us carry home our purchases. There was a lot of good food and I was grateful for the "shave ice" vendor which cooled me down a bit. There were a ton of kids of various ages enjoying their special area in the park that we utilize for the Thursday night summer concert series.
Many of the attendees acquire a warm glow as the day goes on with the help of beer or other "enhancers", which is how my father used to refer pot. As a prominent surgeon in Hawaii, it was difficult for him to buy it, because dealers thought he was a Narc. Much of the time we had too many Rotarian volunteers, a pleasant challenge to deal with. Over the years the chicken festival has become like a mini United Nations and I enjoy the multi-cultural character. We all showed our commitment to our club's addition to the "four-way test", namely our desire and commitment to make sure that we all have fun as we try to make the world a little better.