Rotary Club of Fair Oaks was celebrated at the “Best of Fair Oaks” event.  The club took home...
The attending club members were all smiles with President Mazzy showing off our plaque. (Whose that person in the back who sneaked into this photo shot? Why it is the Fair Oaks Recreation & Parks District, Sean Ventura) Our new member Garret McDermid, was looking pretty wild in those pants.
Also, congratulations to members Katie Yount for #1 Best Insurance Services and Citizen of the year and Dustin Buck for Best Financial Services and Business person of the year!
A surprise “SPECIAL RECOGNITION” award was given last night to a very special couple in the community. Rotarian Warren McWilliams and Inner Wheel member Janet McWilliams were honored last night for all their contributions to the community. No matter where you go in Fair Oaks, you will see these two participating.
Their award was presented to them by a FOYO (Fair Oaks Youth Outreach) member, Emma Ford, who just happens to be a grand-daughter of Rotarians Jim and Diana Cralle.