Posted by Fred Rowe on Apr 25, 2018
Fair Oaks Rotarians Head for
Los Barriles
You might be tempted to ask, "Where the heck is Los Barriles?  And what were Fair Oaks Rotarians doing there?"  Well, if you check the map of the south part of the Baja California peninsula, you'll see that it's on the east coast between La Paz and Cabo San Lucas.  And if you're an avid reader of this website, you'll recall that this is an annual trip to help the Rotary Club down there with various projects.  This year's project was screening for various health conditions... blood pressure, vision, diabetes and dental problems.  Between our four, eight from the Rotary Club of Nevada city, and the local Rotarians, we saw more than 300 people, mostly students, in a weekend.  Was there a follow-on fishing trip?  You won't see the answer here.  For more of the action, click Read More...

Is there a doctor in the house?