Fair Oaks Uncorked 2015:
A Success by Any Measure
With a lineup of about a dozen wineries and restaurants, and a few brewers thrown in for good measure, this year's edition of Fair Oaks Uncorked provided the over 270 attendees with the usual high quality food and drink, making it a stunning success.  Oh, and that's not even considering the funds raised for the community projects of the Fair Oaks Rotary.  A big thanks goes to Marlow Simonetto and her crew, and to volunteers from the District 5180 Passport Club, whose work allowed more Fair Oaks Rotarians to actually nosh and imbibe a little.
For those of you who care, the dessert police reported that 37% of attendees were seen eating dessert before "real food".

And for even more fun...

Bread, wine and tri-tip... the basics.
Beer gets respect at last.
Expand your horizons... buy wine in a bag.
Do those pair well?
Yummies galore!
They're here every year.