Dunbar Demoted!   Cralle In!
Fair Oaks Rotary Changes Hands
In front of an audience of (mostly) masked Rotarians in his front yard (and unmasked Transformers on his front steps), Dennis Dunbar, our "Connect To Transform Lives" club president, got "transformed" (i.e., demoted) right out of his job, and Diana Cralle took the gavel for the 2020-21 Rotary year.  Social isolation spared Dennis some of the usual shenanigans associated with the Demotion ceremony, but all the attendees arrived in a drive-by procession, a first in Fair Oaks Rotary Demotion history, I'm sure.  A few more Demotion records: shortest duration and least amount of alcohol consumed.  But the important stuff got done and so you can count on us doing good in Fair Oaks and around the world for another year!