Fair Oaks Rotary and Bella Vista Faculty
Team Up for Another Great Career Day!
Who are all these folks lounging around the Bella Vista High School library on an October Tuesday morning?  Well, they are among the 70 or so speakers from diverse occupations recruited by the Fair Oaks Rotary and Bella Vista faculty to speak to the students about their vocations at Bella Vista's second biannual Career Day.  The students were polled about their preferences, and each speaker spoke to three groups of about 30 students in the course of the morning.  The consensus of all involved: let's do it again in 2017!  For more, click the link...

Whaddya wanna be?

 Principal Peggy Haskins gets everyone organized.  Future English majors hear from an author. Some jobs require uniforms.
Some people get to work with man's best friend. Some jobs are like pulling teeth. Let's see.  This fellow is... oh, yeah, a chef.