Posted on May 11, 2019
Big Day Of Service...
Isn't That Every Day at
Fair Oaks Rotary?
Well, this Big Day of Service was a special one, because a bunch of people besides Rotarians got to discover the joy of service.  We did our gig with our good partner, the Fair Oaks Rec & Park District, as part of their annual It's My Park Day.  Twenty of us turned out to drag previously cut tree branches to a chipper-shredder, a task for which most of us were eminently qualified.
We did so well that we had time to rest and eat.  By the way, when lunch was served, it was obvious that a Rotarian had not planned it, since is was mostly "real" food, like sandwiches; fortunately, as we were finishing eating, someone came by with Rotary food (cookies, though anything sweet would do).  All in all, a really nice day, and I'm guessing that we'll be back next year.