It's Del Campo Again in the
Battle for the Oak
Almost buried in that mass of young, sweaty testosterone is Rotary Club of Fair Oaks honorary member Bev Purcell, on hand to present the trophy named after her deceased husband, past president Jim Purcell, to the winner of the Del Campo-Bella Vista football game, AKA the Battle For The Oak, so named because it decides the Fair Oaks high school football champion for the year.  By a 49-26 margin, and for consecutive years that are getting hard to count, Del Campo won the game.
In addition to the trophy, a $1,000 graduation award is presented to a senior at the winning school by the Rotary club, and since the game usually occurs in close proximity to Veterans Day, the club also pays for the admission to the game of anyone who identifies themselves as a military veteran.  For a look at the trophy and the crew at the gate, click the link...