The Bella Vista High School Interact Service Club members were at it again!   Yes, this Spring they again organized an all school clothing drive to benefit others, something they did last year as well.
It took a fair amount of planning, and then over a two week period,  they encouraged students to bring in their slightly used clothes to donate to the Underground Clothing Connection located in Sunrise Mall.   This unique store gathers clothes to support student families who are experiencing financial or housing hardships.  The families shopping at the store are enrolled in the San Juan Unified School District, and they must be referred by their school.
Ultimately, 1,625 articles of clothing were donated and counted by the Interact students, who then determined which three classes donated the most number of items.   This Friday, the Interact students will be purchasing and delivering pizzas to the three classrooms that donated the most number of clothes.
Great job, Interact!    This took time and effort to organize, and a special shout-out goes to Interact President Andrea Choi and Faculty Advisor Heather Hawkins (both seen in the photo, with a few of the first donated bags of clothes).