At the club meeting on September 11th, the Rotary Club of Fair Oaks honored 17 members of the club that have been rotary members for over 25 years!  We are so proud to be associated with these people who have given so many years of their time to rotary.  Thank you for being members, being community advocates, and most importantly, being our friends!  (pictured here L-R: Steve Hoverman, John Carr, Jeanne Maloney, Dan Smallhouse, Cathy Smallhouse, Rick Chang, Howard Papworth, Warren McWilliams)
The honored members of our club with over 25 years as members of rotary: John Chavez - 48 yrs; Bob Vogel - 48 yrs; Howard Papworth - 45 yrs; Warren McWilliams - 43 yrs; John Paul Jones - 41 yrs; John Carr - 38 yrs; Ralph Carhart - 36 yrs; Patrick Furlong - 33 yrs; Steve Hoverman - 32 yrs; Cathy Smallhouse - 30 yrs; Rick Chang - 30 yrs; Ted Darrow - 28yrs; Joe Scheimer - 27 yrs; Herman Rinkel - 27 yrs; Dan Smallhouse - 26 yrs; Jeanne Maloney - 25 yrs; Blaine Lamb - 25yrs.